About the Rutgers Chemistry Society

The purpose of the Rutgers Chemistry Society is to aid undergraduate students interested in chemistry and related fields and to raise awareness of the opportunities and importance of both the academic and industrial fields of chemistry. The organization will serve as a forum for social and intellectual interactions among students interested in chemistry and related fields and will organize a variety of science-related activities and events both on and off campus. The organization will aid in meeting the mission of Rutgers University, as a whole, and Rutgers College by providing a forum for intellectual interactions amongst students.


Professor John Brennan
Chapter Advisor
Chemistry Undergraduate Vice Chair
Richa Rana
Founder & President
Chemistry, Class of 2015
Rose Soskind
Founder, Vice President, & Webmaster
Pharmacy, Class of 2017
Kyle Yeung
Chemistry, Class of 2015
Alex Bahia
Chemistry, Class of 2015
Katelyn DuChemin
Chemistry, Class of 2015
Emily Fitzgerald
Chemistry, Class of 2015